1. Your Way
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Recorded, Tracked, Edited, Mixed, Mastered and Produced by Bryce Evans and BEME Records LLC.
All Rights Reserved.


You might not be talking about it, oh but I will
You see there's all these pretty people fighting for equality
And I just don't understand why we're all so mean to them ya
We all have much to offer to our fellow man

I know it's cold out there and the streets are never fair
The lights of the city tie you down
But it's easier to walk with your held high
Than it is to crawl in the dark
You gotta' get your way

It's not about collecting the bruises but collecting the scars to prove it
We all go through the day just trying to live our lives out in perfect harmony
We all need so much from our follow man

Hey we're all human
Hey we're all souls
Hey we're all human
We all have toes and lungs and hearts that beat to our own drums
Hey if you wanna live your way
You gotta' do one small thing
You gotta' live your way
Live your way

I know it's cold our there
And the world is never fair
Some times your own heart lets you down
No one will ever be like you or like me
Never up above nor below we
Equality may be a right but no power
On earth can change that into a fact
You gotta live your way
Live our way