1. Stratosphere

Copyright BEME Records LLC 2024
All Rights Reserved BEME Records LLC 2024
Words and music by:
Bryce Evans and Colin Francis Brown
Produced by Bryce Evans and Colin Brown

Mixing Engineer:
Bryce Evans
Mastering Engineer:
Fin Mikkels


Suffocation imminent
Can't live this life your given
Got to get out of stagnation

Get yourself out of here
Before your fears are real
Do not trust deceivers
Those lies they tell you
Obstruct your worldview
From what you want in this biosphere

Don't you know that you are
Brighter than the rest
Can you taste the tainted lie you've been fed

Push yourself out of here
Out to the stratosphere
Trust your dreams will transpire
Those lies they tell you
Can poison and affect you
You must believe in your stratosphere

You are more than you think
Trust me try to believe

Flashing lights sirens wail
Cursing these old bones that fail
Slaved away your wasted days
Stones unturned so well behaved
Skies are black you're dead and gone
Widow tears fall on stone
We're all dead in the end
Waiting for our hospital bed

We all die someday
We all die now
Take aim grasp your dreams

Won't you get out here
Out to your stratosphere
Where your soul is on fire
Allow yourself to be your best you
And rise much higher

Now that you're out here
Out in your stratosphere
Look at you survivor
Those lies they told you couldn't stop your breakthrough
Now you're in your stratosphere